Through thoughtful data analysis, we help your business maximize the effectiveness of its decision making process.

Knowledge is power

Through the power of analytics you can track extremely valuable usage data for your phone applications and websites. Trying to determine what devices to target, what features are being used, or where your users are dropping off? Check the analytics! Want a real statistical way to measure improvement? Analytics is the answer! CRi Solutions has experience with the tools available and can help your business determine which tools is best for you and how to best track the data that will provide the most valuable metrics.


We’ll partner with you to determine the best analytics tool for you and guide you through creating your measurement plan that allows you to make strong data driven decisions for your apps or website. For example, you want to increase user acquisition? Track where your users drop off in your your registration flow.


Using the tool best suited for you, we will execute the measurement plan by adding the code required to track the events and tags to get the data you need. Such as creating custom events for when a user focuses on a field or submits a form.


We analyze the data you’ve collected to guide your decisions. Perhaps users are dropping off after a specific field in your registration process. This precision directs you to where you can improve and increase completion rates. Tie this with other metrics, like user location or how they landed on registration, and you can expose problems sometimes overlooked.

Analytics Services

Analytics Assessment

The Solutions team can analyze your current analytics strategy and determine how to better utilize the available tools to maximize the effectiveness of your analytics.
Current State Analysis

Analytics Optimization and Process Review

Data Driven Recommendations

Analytics Road Map

Analytics Process Implementation

Use analytics to direct your next technology investments and best align with your desired results and outcomes. Adding analytics to your mobile apps or website allows you to make those educated and measureable decisions.
Define Measurement Plan

Evaluate Technical Infrastructure

Execute Implementation Plan

Analyze and Refine

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