Exciting News

Client Resources, Inc. is excited to share that Michael Long, Senior iOS Developer in CRi Solutions, has been recognized for his work on his own open source project, Resolver.

What is Resolver?

Resolver is “An ultralight Dependency Injection / Service Locator framework for Swift 5.2 on iOS.”, as described by Long. “Technical definitions aside, dependency injection pretty much boils down to giving a particular object the things it needs to do its job. And that’s it. Dependency injection allows developers to write code that’s loosely coupled, and as such, code that’s easier to reuse, to mock, and to test.”

What is Google Open Source Peer Bonus?

Google Open Source Peer Bonus is a program where Google rewards open source contributors that are nominated by Googlers for their exceptional contributions.


To learn more about Resolver and dependency injection for iOS and Swift 5.2, view: https://github.com/hmlongco/Resolver

To learn more about Google Open Sources Peer Bonus, and the latest winners, view: https://opensource.googleblog.com/2021/09/announcing-latest-open-source-peer-bonus-winners.html