The Client Resources Solutions department recently had the opportunity to tour Children’s Hospital in Omaha. This was a chance for the team to see how the money they raise during a 24 hour gameathon, Extra Life, is put to use.

Each year the Extra Life organization holds a fundraiser where individuals or teams raise money by playing games for a 24 period of time. The funds support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since the inception of Extra Life, over $50 million USD have been raised for sick and injured kids across the U.S. and Canada.

Nate Wallman brought the fundraiser to CRi back in 2017 after getting involved as an individual the year before.

“I first learned of Extra Life three years ago when a friend and former employee, Jonny Klemmer participated as an individual. I started by supporting him during his first year with both a donation and by contributing to his gaming session as a participant and spectator. It’s during that time I learned more about what Extra Life was about and Jonny and I decided to bring the event to the CRi offices the following year.”

Nate Wallman

This is the third year the CRi will be participating as a company. Last year the team raised $7,507.00 (2018) and $4,409.00 the year prior (2017).

The team of CRi employees gaming at the office during Extra Life’s 24 hour gameathon. (2018)

Getting involved in the fundraiser means greater ties to the community, being able to see where your efforts are going and how they impact the kids.

As for the tour one of my favorite parts is getting to see how the donations are put to use. The most obvious example is to help cover treatments that families wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.  Some of the more lesser known though would be to allow Children’s to be able to purchase facility dogs which help children during some of the more difficult procedures they have to undergo.  Also specifically for gaming they have mobile gaming carts they can wheel into patients rooms for those that are bound to their beds. Both of those offer some comfort to kids while they are undergoing some difficult treatments and are away from home.

Nate Wallman

Extra Life’s game day is November 2nd! Interested in joining the fundraiser as a gamer or supporting organizations with teams participating like CRi? Follow the link below.