The Client is a banking institution that currently provides a collection of banking functionality servicing a specific market segment and related industries such as lenders, title companies, and real estate agents. They provide tools to manage the monies of these business entities, make payments, track costs, and provide services around managing assets and documents.  The Client sought, through a proposal process, submissions from vendors for outsourcing software development projects which included the building of an new architecture platform that would be used by the entire organization for any new technology.


The Client desired to expand the services it provided to this market. The expanded list of services included:

  • Allowing customers to make payments using different payment options
  • Minimizing errors and reduce exception processing time
  • Providing a mobile payments platform that could be expanded to provide additional services like maps, notifications and messaging
  • Providing an open API to allow external partners to integrate their accounting software with their bank statements using open APIs


With a reputation for providing IT talent and solutions from the conventional to the cutting edge, CRi was brought in to assist the Client with recruiting and onboarding a top technology team who developed the new architecture platform and key user experience features.  From the beginning, CRi partnered with the Client to successfully operate as one integrated organization. Members of the CRi team were placed on-site with the Client for the entirety of the project. Using a consultative approach, CRi examined and provided assistance in developing the set of services by kicking off the project with an assessment, which included talking to the customers directly to ultimately enable the team to design what is best for the end customer.

To guarantee onboarding was as efficient as possible, CRi utilized its Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP)—a proprietary process used when a transfer of information takes place in Managed Software Solutions engagements—to capture specific information needed to perform the different roles of the engagement. Applying the KAP four steps assimilated the Client’s processes with as little Client involvement as possible, saving time and resources. Taking this hands-on approach ensured a full understanding of the organization and its goals. With the Client prepared to accept the new talent to work on its backlog of projects, CRi began sourcing the right personnel to successfully complete each project.


After partnering for several months, CRi brought value-add innovations. The team focused on three deliverable areas which included:

  • A New Mobile Digital Payments Architecture
  • Unique service offerings for this industry sector
  • Integration with corporate accounting software through open APIs
  • Self Service Portal
  • White Label Branding
  • Mobile Payments
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Document Features

The partnership between the Client and CRi has continued for many years since the completion of the project deliverables, CRi continues to have an in-depth role of managing some of the Client’s personnel while also providing a flexible solution to the challenges they face. CRi operations align with this client to provide the most hands-on, consultative partnership possible, and the Client has seen significant gains since the partnership began including cross training with internal staff and the option to hire members of the CRi project team as full time employees. With constant communication between the Client and CRi at all levels of the organization, a true alignment has been achieved. CRi offers an outside perspective of the Client organization to present a different, unbiased look at their operations.

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