The Client is a professional services organization serving a multi-state business in the Midwest since 2009. The Client was formed as a separate business organization from its parent company by merging the IT services departments of multiple office locations. Now one cohesive unit, the Client provides consolidated, robust IT services to reduce company costs and streamline the operations of each formerly separate office location.


Once the Client established itself as a separate business organization, its first priority was to migrate data from the parent company’s various office locations to one application that would best meet the needs of the new company. During the migration, functional gaps were identified that were critical to business operations. Fixing them was imperative, but it created a significant backlog of project work. The Client determined it needed 150 to 200 additional hires to work on and fix all of the known functional gaps of the application within the 12-month timeframe.

Finding the needed technology talent would be no small feat and the Client faced a number of daunting obstacles including:

  • Location – The Client is located in a small city with a population of only 125,000 thereby limiting the pool of people with the needed technical skills to complete the projects.
  • Onboarding – With its short history as a stand-alone business and personnel primarily from the parent company, the Client lacked proficient onboarding procedures to handle an influx of 150 to 200 new hires.
  • Processes – While the Client was still in its infancy, its processes—particularly project management, business analysis, testing and release management—were not yet fully developed to handle such a large personnel influx in addition to the ongoing project work.
  • Change Management – Members of the Client team had been through significant change when their resources were migrated from the parent company into the new entity. Some team members were already facing challenges adapting. The incoming hires would place an additional strain on the team.


With a reputation for providing IT talent and solutions from the conventional to the cutting edge, CRi was brought in to assist the Client with sourcing and onboarding for its backlog of projects.

From the start, CRi partnered with the Client to successfully operate as one integrated organization. Members of the CRi team traveled to the Client site for a series of in-depth meetings with client management, vendor management and HR to gain insights into the different departments and to develop a targeted roadmap to help the Client streamline operations and maximize efficiencies.

Using a consultative approach, CRi examined and provided assistance in developing and refining the client’s existing procedures. To guarantee onboarding was as efficient as possible, CRi utilized its Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP)—a proprietary process used when a transfer of information takes place in Managed Services engagements—to capture specific information needed to perform the different roles of the engagement. Applying the KAP four steps assimilated the Client’s processes with as little Client involvement as possible, saving time and resources. Taking this hands-on approach ensured a full understanding of the organization and its goals.

With the Client prepared to accept the new talent to work on its backlog of projects, CRi began sourcing the right personnel for each project. Due to the talent constraints of the client’s small city environment, CRi developed a remote solution in a larger, nearby city. This solution offered a significant upgrade in the number and quality of IT talent available and provided a solution to one of the client’s top challenges.


After partnering for several months, CRi brought value-add innovations, ensuring better communication and productivity across the departmental teams.

The Client successfully hired the necessary talent to handle its backlog of projects. The changes to talent on-boarding developed by CRi were successfully implemented and CRi assumed all talent management from the Client, freeing their team to focus on operations.

The partnership between the Client and CRi has continued for over 5 years since the completion of the original project, as CRi has accepted a more in-depth role of managing some of the Client’s personnel while also providing a flexible solution to the challenges they face. CRi operations align with this client to provide the most hands-on, consultative partnership possible, and the Client has seen significant gains since the partnership began. With constant communication between the Client and CRi at all levels of the organization, a true alignment has been achieved. CRi offers an outside perspective of the Client organization to present a different, unbiased look at their operations.

CRi also successfully helped members of the Client team weather the process changes, with CRi’s proven Change Management expertise, and influx of resources, so that they were comfortable working through periods of transition. CRi has successfully worked in a partnership role with members of the Client team to help them reach their objectives. In addition, CRi acquired top talent for the initial project team, some of which were converted to full-time employees with the Client after the projects completion.

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