The life of a UX Designer has several facets. Every time I talk with another designer I learn a little more about the tricks they use to make their design process more efficient. But there’s one thing I still see happening often with development shops that aren’t as design focused. That is the design process being stripped down so far it’s not seen as valuable or it’s just skipped all together. But why? It’s so valuable when done right! I often hear, “It takes too long.” or “We don’t need do it.”

What if I told you one reason the design process seems painful is because you’re not using the right tools to make it efficient. Or maybe you are using the right tools but missing out on some powerful tricks? Some of the tricks I’ve learned have taken tasks that would literally take days and have allowed us to do them in just minutes. Well, it’s

Ideation to Development using Sketch, InVision and Zeplin

I recently gave a talk at the Omaha Mobile Meetup, which is hosted by CRi in our Omaha office every first Wednesday of the month. This talk was designed for those just starting to learn about UI design, but also included some tips for long time designers as well. I focused on explaining the importance and goals of a design phase before development, as well as walking through the stack of tools we use and some tricks that make using them more efficient.

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Check out our other design blogs or keep an eye on the Mobile Meetup for future design talks. Or if you’re in need of UI/UX design services, contact CRi and we can tell you more about our process and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Sean Davis

I’m a User Experience Designer who’s been with CRi since 2015. I have years of experience in interface design and have a studio arts degree from the University of Nebraska, concentrating in graphic design. I also have a background in motion graphics, video production, and other digital arts. Originally a physics major who was always interested in art, I found interface design and user experience an incredible blend of art and science. In my free time I nerd out about fonts, dream about interior design and get my hands dirty working on cars.