This week I had the pleasure of going out to Washington D.C. as the Chair of TechServe Alliance’s Government Affairs Committee. The TechServe Alliance Government Affairs Committee was meeting to prepare TechServe Alliance’s Lobby Day Legislative agenda and have briefings with top attorneys for areas of importance to the IT Services Industry. Lobby Day is TechServe Alliance’s premier public policy event taking place May 21st and 22nd, 2018 on Capitol Hill. Lobby Day allows owners and executives in the IT staffing industry to report on and become directly involved in the legislative process with the goal of shaping public policy affecting the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry. During Lobby Day, TechServe Alliance members will meet directly with policymakers and their staff to educate them on issues that impact your business.

The largest challenge the committee will be focusing on this year is the shortage in the IT workforce. It is important to communicate the impact of the shortage of workers on US companies to elected officials & policy makers. The U.S. has for many years suffered from a shortage of highly-skilled technical professionals. A qualified workforce is essential to the U.S. economy. TechServe Alliance supports policies that address the systemic talent shortage including increasing resources for STEM education and worker training. Further, to meet near-term needs, TechServe Alliance Committee members will be urging Congress to provide access to a reasonable number of IT & engineering professionals on H-1B visas.

About TechServe Alliance Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is made up of 5 CEO’s of TechServe member companies.  These companies represent almost all 50 states.  Each company varies in size from 15M to 1B in revenues.  Each company has an IT Staffing division and some have other service offerings such as IT solutions.  President & CEO of CRi, Sue Thaden, serves as the Chair of this committee and leads this group along with TechServe’s CEO, Mark Roberts. To read more visit TechServe’s Public Policy Page on their website.