Christmas is over but the holiday season is still here with the new year just around the corner. To continue the theme of the holiday season and tradition, CRi highlights some New Year’s Eve traditions special to the Omaha area. Denver will also be included in the mix this week with a feature of some popular events surrounding the new year.

One of the most common events in Omaha for a New Year’s Eve bash, lights up the night to celebrate the new year. Suitable for all ages, the Holiday Lights Festival: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Spectacular combines two Omaha traditions in one. The Gene Leahy Mall is known for its display of lights from Thanksgiving to Christmas and with that the final wrap up of the Holiday Lights Festival with the fireworks show.

Many people turn to this signature event to ring in the new year because of its family friendly start time of 7pm. This provides an enjoyable evening for the kids and parents without the hassle of a late night. The show can also kick off a celebration as a place to go before later festivities begin.

The show is designed by J&M Displays and choreographed to a special musical accompaniment broadcast on STAR 104.5. The event expected to draw more than 30,000 people so arrive early for a great view and join in the fun with the Fireworks Spectacular to ring in the new year.