Arvest Bank, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas released their new state of the art mobile banking app on November 27th.  This app was designed and developed through a strategic partnership with the CRi Solutions Team.  The project began last year with a vision for something different and unique that is designed specifically for a target customer.  The team started with a comprehensive User Experience Research and Design phase which captured the true essence of what the customer really wanted from their mobile experience.

Mobile App Development Team

The native mobile app is designed to delight customers with new features and increase engagement and adoption.   With mobile being the number one channel customers use to interact with their bank, this mobile solution will position Arvest Bank as one of the leading mobile banking providers in the industry.  The partnership leveraged the vision of Arvest Bank and the mobile design and development expertise of CRi to bring the mobile solution to the market.  “The partnership with Arvest Bank was incredible and resulted in great relationships with the business and technical teams. Many wonderful and talented people worked so well together to build this solution.  CRi is excited for the continued partnership as we evaluate customer feedback and bring new features to keep the mobile app on the leading edge”, Jackie Austin, CRi Senior VP.