Understatement of year: Looking for a new job is hard. 

Between updating your resume and spending countless hours on job boards, the whole process can become tiresome. You might even second-guess your decision to leave a job you’re unhappy at. Working with a recruiter at a reputable IT staffing agency eases the pain of searching for a new position. If you’re new to the process, here are 10 reasons to work with a technical recruiter.

Recruiters know the job market.

Understanding the current market is part of the job. IT recruiters have a thorough understanding of market trends, upcoming projects, and overall movement throughout local companies. Recruiters spend their time building relationships with clients – allowing them to advise on compensation and attractive benefit packages, as well as new technologies and skill sets to focus on.  Added bonus: they know the market rate for salaries and make sure your value is respected.

Help with your resume and interview.

A stellar resume sets you apart from the pack. Recruiters know exactly what hiring managers are looking for due to their relationships. Technical resumes can be especially tricky to master. Therefore, a technical recruiter is well-versed on formatting and ensuring the resume is easy to read for those non-technical managers.

Another advantage with a recruiter is interview preparation. They are able to make introductions, prepare you for who will be in on the interview, and the style of the interview (for example: cultural or technical questions). After the interview, a recruiter is able to give you immediate feedback and follow up with the manager directly once they have debriefed.

They know where you’re applying. 

Before your resume is submitted, you should know what you’re getting into. A good recruiter can provide valuable insights about the hiring manager and team, work environment, current projects, compensation, and company culture.

Quick to action.

If you find yourself suddenly unemployed, technical recruiters will try their best to quickly find you a new position. As soon as you give the OK, recruiters are quick to submit your resume and begin the hiring process.

Access to a variety of jobs.

Most likely, your recruiter works with dozens of clients across various industries. Some position may even be exclusive to them, giving you an opportunity to apply for unlisted jobs.

No more job boards.

Searching a job board is exhausting. Save your time and energy, and let a technical recruiter present you with opportunities that fit your skill set. They’ll get your resume in front of a hiring manager quickly and efficiently.

Different types of opportunities.

A benefit unique to working with an IT staffing agency is the variety of opportunities. Contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions are frequently available. Contract opportunities allow you to test drive a company to ensure the role is a great fit.

Recruiting services are free!

Yep, that’s right – recruiting services are totally free!

Keeps search confidential.

Using a job board has the potential to reach your current employer. Recruiters do not advertise your availability, and will present your resume directly to a hiring manager. Discretion is key.

Recruiters do the heavy lifting.

They’ll submit your resume, search for positions and negotiate on your behalf. Technical recruiters proudly do the heavily lifting to ensure you find a fulfilling career.