Todd Britson, CRi’s Director of Software Development, will be hosting a session at AIM Heartland Developers Conference 2017. We’re excited to learn more about his thoughts on both native and hybrid apps, as well as a variety of other topics pertaining to mobile apps and software development. You won’t want to miss this one!

About the Session

In this session, you will learn the right time and wrong time to choose a Hybrid solution. Todd will share his experiences and why one path is usually much better than the other. He will talk about all stages of the application from development, to support and making new releases. He has experience with supporting both large scale Hybrid and Native apps and can share real world experiences. At this session, you will learn why a hybrid solution could cost more to develop. Regardless if you are a .Net shop considering Xamarin, Java shop thinking Appcelerator or Cordova (PhoneGap) planning on going native, let’s get together and discuss what the right solution is. There are many options with mobile development and many considerations. In this session, will learn about various mobile application development approaches and at the end have the opportunity to discuss any that were missed.

About Todd Britson

Todd has been building and leading mobile applications since 2009. He has experience pushing and supporting small mobile applications to running multi-million user applications. Once of the apps he led was shown at WWDC 2014 by Tim Cook, as an Apple Partner app. Todd is currently the Director of Software Development at Client Resources, Inc.

About AIM HDC 2017

AIM HDC (Heartland Developers Conference) is a 3-day software development event for tech professionals, consisting of hands-on workshops, keynotes and other speakers, breakout sessions and networking events. Attendees learn from national industry experts plus regional and local leaders, who share the latest knowledge and demonstrate new techniques.To learn more, visit them here.

AIM HDC 2017


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