Friday Five: Each Friday, CRi shares topics, events, news & other happenings that have our office buzzing. Here’s what made the cut this week:


No More Fingerprints for Apple

Apple may be turning away from their signature Touch ID/Home button towards 3D facial recognition. Analysts say 3D sensing is being tested still but would make for an exciting 10-year anniversary release.  For more on this development, check out TechCrunch.

CRi Hosts Omaha Mobile Group & .Net Developers Meetup

We had a great time hosting the .Net Developers and the Omaha Mobile Meetup this past week. At the .Net Meetup, Vaibhav Gujral presented an overview of Azure App Service and Azure Web Apps. The Mobile group’s speaker, Matt Fenwick, presented “Three Keys to Effective App Architecture.” We thank everyone for coming out and having pizza and beer with us!  If you’re looking to join us next month, RSVP here:

Snap Map Feature Released

Snapchat debuted their newest release last week called Snap Map. Essentially, it allows you to share your location and activities on an interactive map for all to see. Sound creepy? Maybe, but the feature allows you to “ghost” and requires activation. If you’re looking for a new way to connect on Snapchat, read more about Snap Map on TechCrunch.

Ordering Uber for Friends Finally Possible

We’ve been waiting for this feature forever. Uber now allows you to order a ride for friends, family members or employees. Just type in their location and destination – Voila! You can even specify if it’s a ride for someone else, and provide their contact information. Bustle has more details on the new Uber feature. 

Tip: You can also send Uber e-gift cards.

So Long, Combustion Engine

Volvo has just announced that all future models will be hybrid or battery powered vehicles. The company’s move demonstrates confidence in the Electric Vehicle market, which has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Though Volvo is the only carmaker to make this commitment, others are investing heavily in hybrid and battery technology. Source: New York Times.



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