Each Friday, CRi shares topics, events, news & other happenings that have our office buzzing. Here’s what made the cut this week.


1. Big Announcements from Apple WWDC 2017

Apple executives took the stage earlier this month to announce some exciting new products and features. Soon, customers can expect to see Apple’s HomePod, which will compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. The team also announced updates for IOS 11 that include new social features like payment through iMessage and automatic Do Not Disturb mode when driving. For more updates, check out The Verge.

2. CRi Hosting Monthly Meetups

CRi is excited to being hosting two Meetups in our Solutions Center each month. The Omaha Mobile Group and the Google Develop Group bring together developers, designers and users to share knowledge and to network with local professionals. In June, CRi is also hosting the .NET user group. If you’re interested in showcasing your work or joining the discussion, RSVP to their respective Meetup pages. We hope to see you there!

3. Amazon Patents Tech that Thwarts Competition

Be advised: If you connect to an Amazon store’s WiFi network, searches will soon be examined by new technology designed to block the competition. Amazon’s patented tech, called “Physical Store Online Shopping Control,” will prevent customers from comparing costs online while at their stores, and will then redirect searches to Amazon products. Engadget examines the new tool here.

4. Amazon Buying Whole Foods

Amazon will purchase Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion, making the acquisition their largest yet. The natural and organic grocery store has been struggling to compete in a market still dominated by traditional grocery stores and emerging meal-kit services. However, Amazon execs still see potential in the brand and hope to expand efforts to provide customers with healthy products.

To learn more about the acquisition, head over to Recode.

5. Slack Raising Millions in New Financing Round

The messaging company Slack is reportedly conducting another round of financing that’s expected to bring an additional $500 million. Slack, a messaging tool used here at CRi, has seen tremendous growth and has reportedly piqued the interest of large corporations such as Amazon. Bloomberg reported the company’s valuation has now reached $9 billion. TechCrunch has more information about the growth of Slack and details about recent company updates.


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