The Information technology field is expanding in every direction, within every electronic device, every year; it’s an ever-changing environment. Therefore, positions for software engineers, project managers, QA’s, etc., are constantly needing to be filled. While CRi understands these high-in-demand positions, we are also seeking one other thing that not all companies place value on: authenticity.

When searching for a candidate, CRi looks for the right skill set as well as the right culture fit for the company. The value for true integrity and building a good relationship is not only a good thing for both parties, but it is crucial to the development and success of the task at hand. Maintaining a good relationship and reaching out to clients and candidates about what’s going on in their lives leaves a lasting, honest impression. Every relationship made is placed in high regard and more often than not, these relationships in the workplace progress to friendships in the real world.

As a former UNO athlete and current CRi intern, I can attest to the benefits of such an approach to business. Recruiting in the IT world is relatively similar to recruiting in athletics – you look for the best you can find in both the person and the skill. On my recruiting trip, the concept of an authentic experience truly came to light. The coaches and the staff of athletic department guided me through the tour, selling me on what just might be some of the greatest years of my life; they were right. During the tour, one could say that their kindness, humor and vision for the future wasn’t just for show to get me smiling and on board. After three years being there, I can say that what you see is what you get.

With CRi, what you see is what you get. The difference between CRi and any other company is that we at CRi truly believe in what we are selling. Not only that, but speaking from the side of an intern, I initially thought that the transition to a company would be difficult. When I was swept under the wings of all of the other recruiters, that mindset quickly dispersed. Often times the business world is challenging in that it makes people adjust to their new position without realizing that this is really their first time in that role. They think, this employee has the talent so they can accomplish the task with no problems. However, sometimes guidance is key. CRi is willing to reach out and guide people down the path that they want to go within their position. In her book titled “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg discusses this idea, saying that “Intuitively, people invest in those who stand out for their talent or who can really benefit from help. Mentors continue to invest when mentees use their time well and are truly open to feedback.”

The environment CRi provides is one of trust and guidance. You must trust those who guide you. Authenticity is truly hard to come by in the business world, but when you have it you won’t want to leave it. CRi is a company that values such a concept and creates a place for open conversation, honest discussion and endless relationships.