LinkedIn is an excellent tool to be used to grow your professional career and build your business network, but is especially useful when seeking a job. Statistics show, based on a Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, that 96% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. In order to benefit from this tool, however, understanding how a recruiter perceives your page is essential. Here are a few insider tricks to the trade on a recruiter’s perspective.

Writing Style – A profile should embody a snapshot of current employment and personal interests.

When viewlinkedining a profile the recruiter wants to see your most recent experience, in addition to something personal about you, specially your interests and hobbies that reflect in your work. When demonstrating your experience give important specifics,
but simplify your job descriptions. Remember be brief, grab their attention, and then give them background when they contact you. You can give them details about your family and dog, in addition to a detailed and lengthy resume after you peek their interest enough to get a face to face. You’re personal life belongs on Facebook, so keep things professional on LinkedIn.


Skills/Interests – These are the “Attention Grabbers”, they project your abilities and passions

Skills and endorsements are gold mines for recruiters. The skills demonstrate what you know you are an expert in, while endorsements say a lot about what others believe you are capable of. Keep in mind, whether it be entry level, mid, or senior the skills you have some form of knowledge in should be listed.

Displaying your interests adds to essence of your profile and should always be filled out or placed within your summary, because it portrays to a recruiter how your passion will intersect with the job. It illustrates your personality and allows the recruiter further insight, then just your professional experience.

Pictures, Connections, and More – The little things matter.

  • A. Profile. Picture. Not having one makes you look impersonal and disconnected. Be sure to have an appropriate picture on your profile. Although this may seem mundane, your picture is worth a thousand words. Putting a professional photo or a photo of you pursuing one of your personal interests is respectable on your profile, the worst you can do is not have one at all.
  • When it comes to connections, keep in mind that you get out what you put in. Making an effort to connect and make conversation demonstrates you use this tool often and find value in it. Demonstrating to the recruiter you’re easily accessible through LinkedIn and are interested in growing your relationships.
  • Unless you are promoting another professional account demonstrating your work or experience, keep other social media platforms off your profile.
  • Recommendations are a great asset to utilize because it allows your professional colleagues to boast about you as an employee and allows the recruiter insight from another person’s perspective.

Social recruiting has become an essential part to the recruitment process that provides recruiters with a closer glance at candidates, allowing them to make knowledgeable decisions for hiring. Make sure you leave a lasting impression.