As a recruiter, one of the most popular questions I receive from candidates is “What’s the job market look like these days?”  Both passive and actively looking candidates are interested in knowing what the “hot” skill or position is at that moment in time.  They’re asking themselves if their knowledge, skills and abilities are current and in demand in the market place.

There are a number of industries that are in need of top talent.  According to Fortune Magazine, healthcare and technology are the top two industries in demand for talent in the United States as of January 2015.  Healthcare positions include nurses, physical therapists and elderly care aids.  Information technology positions include software engineers, quality assurance engineers and system administrators.

The Omaha market is no different.  As an IT Recruiter I can speak from experience that information technology positions are high in demand in the area.  There is a shortage of Sr. Software Engineers, quality assurance engineers and business intelligence developers in the market.  Employers who create an enjoyable work environment, manage to a 40 hour work week on average, and offer a total compensation package that is above the going market rate will successfully retain employees.

Regardless of how long you have been in your current job, I encourage you to do some exploration on your own or with a recruiter.    Keep your resume up to date.  When you hear of an opportunity that peaks your interest, you can quickly get your resume to a company’s human resources department or hiring manager.  If you have a recruiter you have a relationship with, they can watch for positions they know will be of interest to you.  They can do the “leg work” in finding positions for you to explore.  They can also keep your search confidential.

Staying close to those in the recruitment industry will help you stay current on what skills are high in demand and what companies are seeking your specific experience.  Especially with technology, skills and tools can change quickly on what companies are needing.  Your curiosity can lead you to an exciting new position and an employer that will grow your career.

So if you’re ready, ask me what the job market looks like these days.

I’ve been a recruiter for almost 15 years. My experience includes working for small to global size organizations recruiting for multiple types of positions and levels within these companies. The best part about my job is helping people find new job opportunities! It’s great to know that you’re helping someone move forward in their career. As a recruiter at CRi, I also have the opportunity to build relationships with our talented consultants I hire and see them excel in their positions. When they’re ready to move into a new project, I’m there to help them find their next opportunity.