The conversation is started… maybe some rebranding would help!

With IT unemployment typically half of your community unemployment number, Omaha and the greater community work hard to recruit talent to Omaha. The great news is, our city and state are now at the table discussing what we can do at the city and state level to influence the growth in IT workforce.

There are a few ways to bring up the number of people in IT in our community. In the short term, relocate. We (CRi) relocated 15 people to Omaha in May. And we are just one company! Long term, we need more students going in to IT in college, community colleges and/or code schools. And then there are people that may want to make a career change into this great growing field.

All said, the biggest thing that would really help growth in IT is rebranding and generating awareness of what careers are in IT. I wish we could stop using the word IT and use some new word that speaks to the fast growing, creative, business impacting, competitive advantage setting that is all centered in IT in companies. I will think on that one and would take any of your ideas.

So what can each of us do? For starters, tell your friends, teachers, parents, students about the breadth of roles in IT today. Tell them how these roles range from the crazy innovative types who think up new ideas, those who do business process review, project management, testing, development, design, and more, more, more. Let’s all work to inform our community, state and country about the reality of the roles that exist in this field. Together we will impact growth! More to come…