Top 3 Do's and Don'tsDo…

1. Include all skills you have used.

2. Use action words. (Designed, installed, developed…)

3. Talk about your accomplishments & results of your projects.



1. Use so many different fonts, styles or sizes. (Keep it simple.)

2. Call yourself an expert or guru unless you can prove it.

3. Go so far back in time in your work history that your experience isn’t relevant. (Technology changes quickly. Recruiters are more concerned with the past 5 years.)


John Bukowski

As a Technical Recruiter for CRi, my goal is to align an IT job seeker to a career, not just a job. Whether it is a contract, a contract-to-hire, or direct hire opportunity, I hope to understand the needs of a candidate and also the end client, in order to find the right fit for both. With a more recent focus on direct hire employment opportunities in the Omaha, NE area, I continually build a network of trusted professionals and never turn down a conversation.