It’s a new year with new goals and new innovations.  What better way to start the year off, than with an Omaha Mobile Meet-up featuring the Pebble Watch?  What is the Pebble Watch?  The watch is a watch, but smart. It allows you to track your fitness, receive notifications, control your music and download other apps to fit your lifestyle needs.

The Omaha Mobile Meet-up on January 7, 2015, sponsored by CRi and Agape Red, discussed app making for the Pebble Watch.  Hasani Hunter of Obsessive Software led the discussion noting that he recently purchased his watch a few days prior to the meet-up and didn’t consider himself an expert Pebble developer quite yet.  However he had some interesting points to share based on his own experiences.

“If you have done any iOS or Android development, some things will feel very different and others will feel very familiar,” said Hunter.

The first step in development for the Pebble Watch is registering.  It is also important to note that in order for your watch to have connectivity, you must have the Pebble app on your phone and it must be within range of your watch.

Applications are downloaded from the Pebble App Store which includes a variety of watch faces and six different application categories.  Though any number of apps can be downloaded, only eight can be stored on the watch at a time.  As a developer it is important to note that apps can either run solely on the watch and stand alone, or run as a companion application.

Pebble Watch provides developers with an API to create, build and launch applications and watch faces.  When designing for the watch, a flat UI design is used for most apps and faces.  Pebble also supports font sizes up to 47 points.  If a larger size is needed, it is up to the developer to create that.  Images must also be grayscale and icons for the Pebble must also be bitmapped.

Hunter ends the discussion by demonstrating an app that he created and the steps he took to make and launch the application.

Kevin Berry, RaceNote and Hunter demonstrate the button functions of the Pebble Watch.

Kevin Berry, RaceNote and Hunter demonstrate the button functions of the Pebble Watch.