Resume Writing

We all strive to someday find the career of our dreams. But how do we do that? It is important when putting yourself on the market to find a way to stand out from your peers and highlight your skill set to hiring managers- all within a few pages.

Technical resumes are much more unique in the sense that screening for IT positions often starts (or frequently ends) with assessing the technical skills.  Clearly, features such as leadership, accomplishments and even communication skills are important on a resume; however, there is much less of an emphasis on these sections when it comes to Technical Resumes vs. the majority of other resumes.

A great way to ensure that your skills and technical knowledge standouts out to the recruiter and hiring manager is to add in a Technical Summary section to your resume. Summarize your knowledge of the various programs and applications you have worked with in the past or are familiar with. Keep in mind those reading your resume may not be technical and could just be searching for key skills. However, ensure what you list is something you are comfortable speaking about during an interview.

Another piece to be considerate of is the overall format of your resume. Extensively long or short resumes have a tendancy to defer the hiring manager’s attention away from what their true focus should be. Use your extent of experience to determine the length of your overall resume. In addition, descriptions for each of your positions held should ideally be short paragraph with bullet points making it easy to read.

Keep in mind, if you are applying to a specific role, for example, mobile app developer, ensure that you have tailored your resume to fit that specific job description and have highlighted the skills that you have pertaining to that position. Keeping the hiring manager or industry needs front and center is key!