Partnering with a staffing firm isn’t something that happens overnight.  From research to referrals, there are many deciding factors that clients take into account when selecting the best fit for them.  The staffing firm works for and with their clients to find the right candidates to bring into their company with both technical skills and cultural matches. Here are 10 factors that clients need to think about when looking for their right fit:

  • Reputation – Clients want to partner with companies that are well respected in the area.  It is a great starting point for building trust.
  • Longevity – Clients like to begin a partnership with a company that they know has the knowledge of their industry and has been around long enough to know all the ups and downs in the hiring process and economy.
  • Market knowledge – Working with a company that has the knowledge of what’s going on in the area can help leverage and educate, thus building a trusting relationship, which in turn leads back to choosing a company with a great reputation.
  • Is a true partner – A company that is able to assist in solving all staffing issues allows clients to focus on their work and profits instead of losing time finding the perfect candidate.  For example, being able to staff for contract, contract to hire, direct hire and temporary can ensure the company that they are working with a partner that is truly a one stop shop.
  • Listens and understands their needs – Clients want a partner that understands their technology and culture.  They are not interested in a company that just throws resumes at them and hopes that one is a fit.  Some candidates may be a technical fit, but not a cultural fit. Culture is just as important as technical skills, so it is necessary for a staffing company to learn their client’s culture and environment.
  • Quality candidates – Working with a company that can understand what they are truly looking for and pre-screening  for both culture and technology and thus only sending over candidates that are worthy of an interview helps to speed up the hiring process making for a great partnership.
  • Great follow up and communication – The best staffing firms to work with have two things in common: they have great follow up and have open communication with the hiring managers or HR.  This helps to streamline the hiring process and not miss out on the quality candidates.
  • Relationship with Account Manager – Having trust and a great relationship with the account manager can assist in further developing that great partnership.  Having the ability to contact your account manager 24/7 eases the stress when those sudden hiring needs arise.
  • Sticks to their word – Following through on what is discussed between the company and client is another piece of building the trust that leads into a long lasting partnership.
  • Provides results – Producing top quality candidates that complete successful contracts or great direct hires is what all clients strive to achieve with a staffing partner.