Apple, a powerhouse in technology, recently hosted the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.  During the four days of the conference, six thousand people came together to teach, learn and share information and ideas.  For those who were not part of the six thousand in attendance, the July Omaha Mobile Meet-up sponsored by Client Resources Inc. and Agape Red focused on sharing the experience and information from those who did attend the WWDC.

Four panelists discussed their experiences in San Francisco during the conference, each one a little different.

Andy Peters from 1Password recommended to anyone who was considering going in the future, to focus on networking and meeting new people.  Though Peters did not attend the conference this year, he was able to participate and be part of the environment and conversations.  Many of the presentations and videos were streamed to those who did not have tickets to the conference.

Kyle Thompson of Prairie Cloudware emphasized how being at the keynote and presentations in person allowed for a slightly different experience, one where you could see the presenters expressions.

Brendan Schulz, CRi, was a lottery ticket winner and agreed with Peters that “networking was the most awesome thing.”

“If you’re walking down the street, all you would hear is developer conversation after developer conversation after developer conversation,” said Schulz.

Though WWDC14 was Schulz’s first time, Hasani Hunter of Obsessive Software attended this year for his seventh time!  He did agree that networking was key at the conference, but he also noted that this year was different than past years due to the variety of new things Apple is presenting.

An attendee of the Omaha Mobile Meet-up asked the difference iOS 7 and iOS 8.  Is it worth the hype?

“Apple grew up with the iOS 8 platform,” said Peters.  He said the features reflect what the consumer has been asking for.

Apple is also giving developers more and better tools to developers to work with.  Schulz said one feature he is excited about is the new storyboard for iOS 8.

“Having one storyboard for the iPhone and iPad will make things so much easier,” he said.

In summary, it didn’t seem to matter if you attended the WWDC seven times or if it was your first time, there were two major takeaways the panelists agreed upon: attending the WWDC at least once is a must and networking was key.