Mobile. Can you go anywhere without that word being present? Hardly.  With so many devices and apps, there seem to be endless opportunities for development.  One such option to aid in Mobile app development is the Ionic Framework.

April’s Omaha Mobile Meet-up sponsored by CRi and Agape Red discussed an Introduction to Ionic Framework led by Jerod Santo.  Santo is the lead instructor at Interface: The Web School, managing editor of The Changelog and writes software at Object Lateral.

Ionic is an HTML Mobile app development framework that focuses on building hybrid applications.  As defined in the March Mobile Meet-up, a hybrid app is a combination of a web application and a native application.

“I like to see all the new things coming out and evaluate them,” said Santo beginning the discussion.

As a front-end framework, Ionic perked Santo’s interest for three reasons: it is opinionated, it’s AngularJS focused and it looks pretty.

“However, just because it looks pretty doesn’t always mean it’s worth investing into,” he said.

The Ionic Framework helps to bridge the gap between web and native apps.  It also is an open source framework that has native style, UI components.  During the presentation, Ionic was described as being “best friends” with AngularJS.

“This is something that caught my eye.  Angular can be very powerful when used correctly,” said Santo, providing more detail to his second reason for being intrigued in Ionic Framework.

Other positive points that were discussed about Ionic were the ability of the CSS to be overridden which allows developers to give applications a unique look and feel.  Additionally, the cohesive visual system is clean, simple and easy to customize.

After the general discussion of Ionic Framework, Santo went into examples of coding for different elements of Ionic.

Santo provides examples of coding for various elements of the Ionic Framework at the April Omaha Mobile Meet-up on Wednesday, April 2.

Santo provides examples of coding for various elements of the Ionic Framework at the Omaha Mobile Meet-up on Wednesday, April 2.

The Ionic Framework provides an easy way to create beautiful apps, but the question still stands.  When should the Ionic Framework be used?  The conclusion matches March’s Mobile Meet-up—it depends!