I looked up the term “corporate culture” and found several definitions.  However, I felt that this one was the closest match to the CRi Culture.

Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, corporate culture describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act. It could consist in part of a corporate symbol, like the rainbow-colored apple that symbolizes Apple Computer. Whatever shape it takes, your corporate culture plays a big role in determining how well your business will do.

Culture is a very interesting thing to define.  With each and every company the “culture” is unique.  We know this because of our deep interaction within each of our client’s businesses.  Here at CRi we define culture as the way we do business.  How we treat each and every person that crosses our path.  CRi has always had a unique philosophy on how this is done.  Our culture definition needs to be aligned with our client’s culture.

When we work with our clients and consultants we know that it is critical to the success of the individual and the project to make sure that the culture is understood.  What that means is not only understanding and believing in the culture as we see it, but having our clients share their own unique culture in their terms.  Our job includes informing our consultants of the environment and the culture of their next assignment which allows them the success to walk in the door informed and ready to take on a new engagement.  We feel strongly that this philosophy adds to the success of each project that we have committed to taking on. How people go about their daily activities and treat the others on the team are critical components to a healthy culture.

It’s something that is so ingrained in our everyday activities but yet never taken for granted!

As the old saying goes, “times flies when you’re having fun”. That’s true for both Ann and CRi. For almost 11 years, Ann has been a part of the CRi organization. At CRi, we work hard for our clients but we also have fun in the process. Providing a solution to our clients’ staffing needs is a busy process. During her tenure, Ann has had the privilege of getting to know our clients and establishing lasting relationships. Our partnerships are an important part of our culture and her job is to continue to work on maintaining our culture.