When asked what competition means to me I struggle because competition varies upon each individual.  As I sit and think about why I am so competitive I relate it back to my childhood.  Being the first born, these are the personality traits that I see as the most prominent in my personality:







I believe all of these traits shaped my competitive nature.  When I was young I always wanted to be the best at what I did so I worked hard to ensure I did well and succeeded at that activity.  One could say I was a controlling overachiever which carried on into my adult life. By acting with a high level of integrity and ethics I have learned that I will win.   Competition to me today means that I will always work to my maximum potential with the end result of doing the right thing at all costs.  There are times when I do not win and it may hurt at the time, however, I know that in the end the right decision will always benefit me and those who are influenced by my decisions.  Those decisions will come back to build stronger relationships and stronger business.  My internal drive pushes me to be the best I can be.  If you do everything in your power and work as hard as you can, I am confident you will accomplish the results you want and need to win.

So what is it that drives me in this industry?  I truly feel companies are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with CRi.  We work diligently to give the client a great experience and strive to be “easy to do business with.”  We work even harder to make it a great candidate experience where they feel like part of the CRi family.  If we remove barriers from the client and the candidate, they can both be productive together and create a great experience and end product.  The relationships we build each day with the candidates and clients drives me to continue to exceed expectations in this business.  This experience drives me to want to share this with others who have not had the opportunity to work with CRi and to also continue to build business with organizations.  I want to be part of this company’s success and want to be part of a candidate’s success as well.

How do I measure success?  When I have found a great match for the company and the candidate!  This is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ever have and that, is what success means to me!